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Welcome to Lucky Mushroom Kinder Camps!

Have fun scrolling through pics and videos from Lucky Mushroom camps in Schwalbach am Taunus and Frankfurt am Main. Be sure to sign up for the next one in Summer2023

also: www.taunus-lingua.de

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About Lucky Mushroom English Camps

Lucky Mushroom Camp is about more than just grammar. It’s also about having fun and communicating in English! Children play, and at Lucky Mushroom Camps play is encouraged and supported!


Upcoming camps

Apply for upcoming camps in 2023.
Starting this spring!

Upcoming camps

Easter Camp 2021/2022

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Learning, Chilling, Showing-off the Lucky Mushroom Certificates, Doing Music Camps

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What our clients have to say..

“We love Lucky Mushroom. We have been coming here for a long time now and it’s always been a very positive experience. The staff are very kind and the selection of programs are great quality. The atmosphere at the campus is both fun and relaxing. We love the singing and learning English at same time. Thank you!”

“Great location, with wonderful resources and the friendliest staff! Every time we come, my son has the most wonderful time. Story time is a really nice way to end the session too.”

“Very friendly and welcoming team, surprisingly a calm atmosphere which is great for my little one. Very clean and a very wide range of different programs.
Staff go above and beyond. Oo and we loved story and sing time.”


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