A is for ART

(Part 3 of the Audio-Squiggle-Game)

I have just published the letter A. The letter is a an audio piece of art for kids! It’s now their turn to draw, dance, paint, sing, rap, and play!


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The letter A ( Again)😊👊🏾🍄#englischkurs #help #azul #englishasasecondlanguage #abc #notyourpuppet #wecanbreaktheinternetwithnothingbutthealphabet

♬ Originalton – Icy Bro the Lucky Mushroom

The art-squiggle-game is now open! I can not dictate what art is. I have absolutely no desire to do so. I am happy that I am not an art critic. To criticize creativity seems an unrewarding job to me; but I digress.

If you have read part 1 and 2 of the audio squiggle game then you know that it’s all about language acquisition and young learners. If not, please read them if you are confused at the end of this post.

At Lucky Mushroom we believe by addressing the artist that is found in the heart and mind of every child. We are trying to reach that artist with the use of sound. We use the human voice itself to unlock the creative/communicative nature of children, and I use my talent as a rapper to do.

The traditional squiggle game uses pictures to gain access to a child’s willingness to communicate. We use song and the alphabet. The child is free to narrate on its own terms, using its own words. We simply help with the English part for children that don’t speak English as a first language.

I am a rapper and when I was a child the general consensus in most art communities was that rap was not art. Some of today’s readers will find that hard to believe but this opinion persists in some art circles to this very day. Others will continue to subscribe to the notion that rap is not nor will it ever be art. We leave that up to the children but offer it as another way to express themselves.

I do not collect art but I like it! I live in Frankfurt, Germany and know some of the country’s most celebrated contemporary artists such as Dieter Mammel and Chris Newman. Their works of art unleash the child in me. I don’t claim to grasp the complexity of the craft. They simply inspire me to want to create. In the same way the Zhou Brothers do or

Don Van Vliet (see picture below).

The entire month of March will be dedicated to the Letter A and to Art on Lucky Mushroom. All of our posts will be about the art of communication. Feel free to drop a line, draw a picture, send a recording. Let the squiggle game begin! If you have not joined this site or Icy Bro on YouTube feel free to do so now or simply enjoy. We are perfectly fine with growing one click at a time.


I am looking forward to hearing from and seeing more of you on Lucky Mushroom. I am very opinionated as most readers of the blog already know. Now that I have explained the Squiggle-Audio-Game I will go back to sharing my humble opinions with all the citizens of the internet on a variety of topics.

Lucky Mushroom is first a foremost about communication, our mission is to make sure that you and your children are communicating effectively in English. In these turbulent times we hope to add a level of depth and maturity to global dialogue.

The man with the puppet on his hand appreciates you taking the time to read this post and is looking forward to a dialogue with you.

Please feel free to make any corrections. This post was written using HI (human intelligence) which is always a little flawed 🙂

Lucky Mushroom

Leonard Nimoy Slater

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