I am a Rich Man

Dear reader I would like for you to know that this post is a peak behind the creative curtain. The song “Rich Man” is coming soon and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you and having my listeners dissect it word for word.

I have been called a dreamer, overly optimistic, and naive. I have never been called rich. This blog post, like the song, is an homage to the naive optimistic dreamers that understand true wealth it is an honor to me be among your ranks.

At this moment in time I do not have a lot of worldly possessions yet I feel richer than most. My wealth cannot be measured in the kinds of terms that we have accustomed to using when discussing wealth. My wealth is not kept in a portfolio or a bank account. It is not in escrow and it is too complex to be securitized. It cannot be traded on a commodities market. However, it is faith-based, very much like our fiat currencies, yet it is as intangible as bitcoin. It cannot be traded or measured using any methods known to man, yet it is envied by all those that recognize it. I dare say that it is in fact crazed by most and it never loses value; ever.

Unlike most markets , fear has no effect on its performance. It does not rally, rise, or fall as there are no bears and definitely no bull.

It does not require gentrification. It thrives in penthouses or shantytowns, quiet rural areas or loud sprawling urban metropolises, pacific islands threatened by plastic and rising waters or mountain get-aways , Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, or the Americas!

I am not being hyperbolic when I say that I am a rich man. Even if I were homeless I would remain rich. I will leave you with the refrain to the song:

I don’t really care what you got
Life on the bottom is on top
I’m a rich man!

The future belongs to the rich at heart. Be on the lookout for the song from Icy Bro and Lucky Mushroom where music and language meet.

Act like you know.

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