Merry Christmas from The Lucky Mushroom (A video from Lucky has been added to this post)In case you missed it; We are the ABCs and I’m A!

Merry Christmas from the Lucky Mushroom! For the children of the world struggling to deal with the various aspects of the Christmas holiday season, I would like to try and explain.

This post will be not be neat and tidy, no maketeers will edit it, no experts or sponsors will check it. It is uncensored, unscripted and unfiltered. It is my clumbsy attempt to say Merry Christmas

Adults (generally speaking) here on earth can be put in three categories. The first category (randomly selected/ has nothing to do with importance or preference) believes in a power in the universe that they universally refer to as God. The second category believes in a concept called science. The other group believes in the power of love and energy. This time of year a lot of things happen here on earth that all the aforementioned groups get excited about. The dark days of winter slowly become brighter and though it is colder the promise of coming warmth is evident by the slow return of the longer, lighter days in the western parts of the world. All three groups become excited about this phenomenon every year.

Though I don’t profess to be an expert, I have to admit that I do thoroughly enjoy all three belief systems this time of year. I enjoy the secular celebration of winter most because I like Santa and the songs of Christmas cheer. Having said that I am most moved by the story of a woman giving birth to God here on earth. I don’t even think it’s important what religion you believe in, the story is in of itself beautiful; a simple woman of flesh and blood just like your mother gives birth to God. WoW! On Christmas day, God, the most powerful being in the universe is also the most vulnerable; a tiny infant like you and I were when we came into the world. The thought that an entity as great as God being here on earth wrapped in cloth and lying in a manger has always intrigued me. I have never really cared about the rest. I have never wrestled with the so-called inconsistencies or historical accuracy of the story. I simply enjoyed the story about a God that loved the people of the earth enough to come down to earth and be amongst them; to be born of a woman and cry like a baby. I’m rambling, sorry kids but it’s this story that has always fascinated me most about Christmas.

Santa Claus has always felt like a logical way to express this miracle. Santa, a magical being with so much love in his heart that his only reason for existence is to make the lives of children better through the act of giving. What an unapologetic homage to love! I could never have a problem with this story or celebrating it.

The sun in the sky becomrd stronger and brighter and the days become longer even in the depth of winter. That’s what the scientists say. They are proven right year after year, millennia after millennia. It’s also a beautiful story and one that fills my childish heart with wonder every year. Every year when people talk about ice, snow, and cold my eyes are on the sky. I watch the sun keep its promise to return and warm my skin. This has always warmed me from the inside

The Lucky Mushroom wishes you all a Merry Christmas regardless of what you believe. The gift of true love does not come with a particular belief system and it does not ask/demand to be reciprocated.

Happy Holidays from Leonard Nimoy Slater and The Lucky Mushroom. I hope that you also enjoy our first original Christmas song.

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