In case you missed it; We are the ABCs and I’m A!

As you may have heard The Lucky Mushroom has emancipated the ABCs; please allow me to explain.

The Lucky Mushroom is freeing the children of the world from the ABC song! While it is tried and trusted and does help with remembering rudimentary sounds of the English language, it does nothing to deepen a child’s understanding of the fact that they are indeed 26 unique characters. The ABCs are much more than a single sound.

The Lucky Mushroom says, “Bravo!”, to children, “I’m happy that you can make the sounds and you understand that it is supposed to mean something in English”. Now let me introduce them to you one letter at a time. The first character is called the letter A.

That’s when the Lucky Mushroom letter A steps forward on its own. That’s when Lucky Mushroom turns to your children and says, “This is the Letter A, the first letter of the English alphabet”. We go on to say, “A, tell the children a little about yourself”. Letter A begins to rap, sing, and dance. We allow your child and A to get to know each other on their own terms. Letter A and the child become acquainted through song, sound, and dance.

The songs are the letters introducing themselves musically! Rap is the perfect language for the letters to express themselves in musically as rap is only talking, it’s not music, right? Let’s listen to what A has to say. This is an excerpt from Lucky Mushroom (The Emancipation of the first 13) where the letter A, played by Lucky, is interviewed by Icy Bro:



The gist of what Letter A says is followed below. Welcome to the Lucky Mushroom ABCs.

I’m A the first letter of the English alphabet. I don’t need the other letters to demonstrate my uniqueness. I’m the letter A and that says it all. Not only am I the first letter of the ABCs, but I’m also a so-called vowel sound. I would like to demonstrate my uniqueness by rattling off a few random words and concepts that start with me. Art! Aesthetic! Anesthesia! Algorithm! Ancestor! Alchemy! Agnostic! Arithmetic and Atomic! Forget E! It’s me that is truly explosive and these are just a few words that start with me! So now you understand why I am the Alpha. I lead the emancipation but I am not retarded! I know that the other twenty have my back! I am a vowel sound so I understand the concept of words! I am Aware that I need the other letters to make them.

Lucky elaborates on me! The Letter A!!!

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