Lucky Mushroom Audio-Squiggle-Game (2)

By having reduced/elevated all human life on the planet earth to nigga status we have created a level playing field and further use of the word nigga in all of its forms is now mute! Put simply there is no longer a need for it in meaningful communication, especially when talking to or about children. However, if you would like to have that conversation you will have to go backwards and respond to blogs/posts on different platforms.

Now the squiggle-audio-game can continue.

The first letter of the English alphabet is the letter A. One could write it on a chalk/white board but it will not reach children the way it does when you say it out loud. Upon hearing it a flood of audio images (please excuse the dichotomous nature of my choice of word, I’m just a rapper) pops into the child’s mind. In a normal class room setting we automatically pull the hand brakes by assigning words and thoughts to the letter. We are already off to letter B before the child is finished with the sound of A. The child is forced to move on to the letter B before it’s finished playing with the sound and image of the letter A, the first letter of the alphabet and thus an introduction to the concept of words.

In my audio-squiggle-game with kids (all learners for that matter) I allow ample time for A to sink in by making a song based solely on the letter A. We give A time to shine and be heard. A gets to do what every child is encouraged to do but is told not to (bask in the spotlight). We preach pride but sell being humble to children. We talk about acceptance of one’s own imperfection but we show them perfection. We show it to them in our pictures of ourselves and of them and we encourage them to emulate that behavior. That is the stuff of another blog. As far as the audio-squiggle-game goes; learners hear all of the random sometimes incomplete thoughts that come to mind when Lucky hears/ sees the letter A. They hear the magiical effect that hearing one letter of the alphabet can have on a human being :-). I will not apologize for the emoji. LOL

In Dr. Winnicott’s method every stroke of the pencil made by the child comes from the child. Likewise every utterance in the letter A song comes from inside of Lucky. In other words, “The Letter A” was a freestyle rap. Lucky made it up as the music was playing. In the music world we could call it improv. Even the refrain is the product of an improv session. Every letter that Lucky Mushroom presents from the ABC’s series is the product of a freestyle session.

I refuse to give kids an image when I introduce the letters and here’s why.

When a German school aged child see the letter A; Egypt,Fear,and Pineapples are some of the things that come to the child’s mind. Look up those words in German to find out why.

When a Spanish school kid sees the letter A, it might be yellow and for an Italian child it might be love. Look up those words in Spanish and Italian to understand Lucky’s rationale.

When Lucky hears the Letter A, an entire song erupts inside his mind.

The squiggle game is meant to cause similar eruptions in a learner’s mind. Once a child realizes that they are not bound by my another’s narrow concept of the ABC’s the child is given the freedom to explore, even if it’s not in English. I don’t believe that children are retarded (attention R word used consciously) so I don’t treat them that way and they appreciate it. That is a part of the Lucky Mushroom audio-squiggle-game.

I hope that readers that are offended by the use of the word retarded in this post will take the time and go back and read/watch my posts on the R-word. I would like to play the audio-squiggle game with you as well.

This song will be released on all streaming platforms on Feb. 14. Here’s a sneak peek. Welcome to Lucky Mushroom’s Audio-Squiggle-Game.

Leonard Nimoy Slater

Lucky Mushroom

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