Lucky Mushroom audio-squiggle game What is it?

Words are the sounds that humans make to communicate thoughts to each other. They are made up of a combination of the 26 characters that we call the Abc’s in English. The word that I am going to use to start my audio-squiggle-game is spelled
N I G G A.

I have built a company based on communication but for the next 30 days during what is known as Black History Month in America. There are niggas in America that think that all niggas know about this month. My communication will be one way. I am starting off my squiggle game on this platform with a word that I have never been completely comfortable with and that is not in my active vocabulary. Please send anybody that thinks otherwise to this post. They will probably have joined the squiggle game in another transitional space. Please keep in mind that this is the point where my pencil hits the paper as one of Dr. Winnicott’s children in the squiggle game. After 30 days we can play together. I will be reading responses but I will not be responding.

The squiggle game as explained by pediatrician/child psychiatrist Dr. D Winnicott is a drawing game that can be used to elicit children’s thoughts especially where there are barriers that need to be overcome. There are a lot pre-requisites involved and the technique is mostly used with children that have developmental issues for lack of a better term. Lots of information on this and many other techniques/theories developed by Dr. Winnicott can be found on the web.

Ever since I was introduced to the theory by Mecki ( Ms Krohn-Grossmann) in one of our sessions I’ve been fascinated by it and Dr. Winnicott’s transitional space. There is also tons of information on the transitional space to be found on the web.

The audio-squiggle game is the best way to describe the Lucky Mushroom methodology when teaching kids. I basically create a space where normally developed kids (whatever that means) feel free to say things out loud. They are free to paint pictures using whatever words they have at their disposal. I begin to draw my audio squiggle after the kids have assured me that they have heard of the ABCs. My first entry is the letter A! But A is in the form of a complete song that most will argue that kids can’t understand. I beg to differ! The kids get to run free with A. In the transitional space that we share in the course they are free and then comes B! Ironically children don’t need this elaborate explanation, they simply play. In fact this entire paragraph can be skipped if you are not into foreign language acquisition in young learners.

I’m currently doing a posts on the N-word on social media platforms.Since this is an audio squiggle game I will be using an audio podcast with no guests and not pictures.

Most people assume to know what the post is about until they listen to it. However, after listening to it they often come to realize that it speaks to them in their own way and they feel free to engage on their own terms. I am sure that this will also happen to most readers after one or two paragraphs. The squiggle game can be quite seductive. That is the way communication should be in my humble opinion.

Neither the n-word nor the b-word is in my active vocabulary. As a rapper I think it’s safe to say I’m more familiar with their usage than 99.9% of the people reading this post. I don’t believe that I can stress enough that the N-word isn’t in my vocabulary and people don’t refer to me as one whether they are black or white. The same goes for the b-word. Some will ask “Well then why did you choose the words?”. My answer to them is, This is my squiggle game nagga!

I will not expand this any more. Besides niggas that have been listening from day one know that R is my favorite letter. I made a song about it called Rich Man. I am a high value nigga and most niggas know that you can not put a monetary value on high value niggas. At this point I would like to shout out to Kevin Samuels, Jordan Peterson, Eros Ramazotti, Frank Farian, Ghandi, Miles Davis, and the MMA nigga having issues with Spotify and the moment. Some of them niggas don’t even know me or have heard of me. Yet 馃檪

Nigga is not a color! Learn the ABC’s

Leonard Nimoy Slater

Icy Bro

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