Lucky Mushroom Breaking the silence on Ukraine

This post is intended for the children of the world. I know that they will most likely not read it. However, I’m hoping that the adults that come across it will share the crux of this post with a child.
First and foremost please accept my deepest apologies for being silent on this matter for so long.


It’s not an excuse but (by the way 99.9 percent of the time an adult prefaces anything with these words it is indeed an excuse) I let my emotions and my political ideologies get in the way when I should have been speaking up. I should have spoken up on your behalf a lot sooner. I naively thought that by remaining silent I was being very loud. We, adults, do the dumbest things in our attempts to be clever. Now my silence feels like an act of cowardice and I am ashamed. You are a child so you don’t understand what I’m trying to say but your parents, caregivers, and teachers do. We all know that we should scream for peace at the top of our lungs. We know that regardless of our beliefs you should not have to suffer the carnage of war.


By not speaking up, I am failing you. It does not matter if you are a child in Ukraine or a child in Russia; mourning the death of those closest to you feels the same. War and its consequences are unfortunately a part of life on this planet. That is what most adults will have you believe. Lucky Mushroom is here to tell you that this is absolutely not true. We belong to a species that is very unique to our understanding of what we call the universe. They say that over 8 billion humans inhabit this earth and none of us are the same. Each of us is a miracle. We don’t need to fight wars, we choose to fight them. I would also like to apologize to children in Yemen, Somalia, Syria, Haiti, the streets of America, and countless other places on this earth where violence has been chosen as a means of communication. We are truly an evolved species don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Don’t let my cowardice be your example.


I humbly apologize to you for not speaking up about peace and the need to pursue it vigorously. Peace is a five-letter word with a long E sound that evokes many images in the English speaker’s mind. Ironically the word peace is used to justify many atrocities such as war that continue to plague us on our planet. But peace is more than just a word comprised of five letters from the English alphabet. Peace is a real place both mentally and physically where we humans thrive. Peace is the sleep that we each felt as we slept in the arms of those that loved us when we were infants. You are being robbed of this peace as I write this post from the comfort and security of my home. War has ravished so many communities around the world that many people including you do not know this peace. I apologize for not using the power of the spoken word to bring it to you. I know this peace and I wish it upon every human that inhabits this planet. I am not red and I am not blue. I am called black in my home country. We use color in this world in very abstract and destructive ways. We use them to justify the wrongs that we do to each other and people like me remain silent. I am sorry that we adults haven’t figured out a more effective way to communicate our fears to each other without resorting to violence.


I didn’t speak up when people said that love was not enough. I should have because love is in fact enough. A human with a full belly and a heart full of love will feed a child regardless if the child can fish or farm. There is an analogy that we love to throw around about teaching a man to fish or farm and feeding a village. When we use the analogy we are usually trying to shirk the responsibility of nourishing the children of others. I should have spoken up and reminded them that we are never finished nourishing and providing for children that require nourishment. Our obligation to give children a safe space to be children never ends. War should just be a theory taught in school about how we used to resolve conflict before we learned to love each other properly.


My promise to you is that I will never stop talking, singing, teaching, and rapping about the importance of communication. Lucky Mushroom will always be a place where you can come to and learn to communicate in English with others that have a genuine desire to be communicated with openly and honestly. There will never be a sponsor and therefore never an agenda. I will not write about politics any more or any political agendas. The pursuit of peace and open communication are Lucky’s only agenda.


Lucky Mushroom is unapologetically always about peace and arming children with the tools to communicate the message of peace, love, and humanity on this planet. Our product is for those naive enough to believe in the power of love and open communication without the fear of reprisal for expressing one’s self.

This blog was written hastily and may contain (more than likely many) typos.

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