Lucky Mushroom “Buddy Language”

As a society, we have banned the use of the “the R-word” yet we continue to use terms such as “little buddy” when addressing people we deem challenged. When I was a young rapper in Baltimore, my rap style being called retarded was considered a very flattering compliment.

I once did a clip about the R-word you can watch that clip here:

This post is about what we at The Lucky Mushroom mean when we use the term “buddy language”. The term is not meant to imply that we doubt the cognitive ability of the listener or the speaker. It is meant to convey sincerity in our desire to communicate. Some may not like our lexical choices but rest assured our desire to facilitate communication in English is earnest.

Lucky Mushroom Buddy Language

Lucky Mushroom Buddy language doesn’t need grand physical gestures or in depth knowledge of English grammar. LM Buddy language is both concise and precise. It doesn’t require a dumbing down nor is there space for condescension it’s language based communication. Buddy language invites open and honest communication; it strives to be simple. The sentence structure is beautiful in its simplicity and it’s reciprocal as it attempts to mirror and thus foster open dialogue. Buddy language attempts to convey to your partner that communication is desired but will not be forced.

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For deeper understanding of why we chose the R-word check out this earlier blog post.

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