Lucky Mushroom Kinder English LLC

EYS Language Consulting and The Lucky Mushroom Real World English would like to announce the founding of our new partner company Lucky Mushroom Kinder English LLC.

Lucky Mushroom Kinder English LLC’s primary focus will be on making English as an additional language fun and engaging to children all over the world while making friends with native speakers in English speaking countries.

Lucky, our little puppet spokesperson, is bringing all of his musical friends together and having a little fun while traveling the world. However, Lucky will be honoring his pledge to have fun while speaking English in courses with Icy Bro and Mechthild Krohn-Großmann in Schwalbach am Taunus in Germany. Our partner school Taunus Lingua would be happy to see you, as would Lucky and Icy.

Lucky has been putting together all kinds of songs to educate and entertain kids of all ages., He has also done several variations of the The Lucky Mushroom ABC song.


Our hip hop courses at Taunus Lingua are also on again and as fun as ever!

Practice your English rapping with one of the true pioneers of Hip Hop Icy Bro

Lucky Mushroom Kinder English LLC will pick up what Icy Bro and EYS Language have started and take it to the next level. Sign your kid or teen up for a course today!

Lucky Mushroom Kinder English LLC also has plans for very young learners 2-6. Lucky (our puppet boss) and Mechthild Krohn-Großmann have put together a special treat just for them, contact Taunus Lingua or this website for more information.

Thanks to our work with Canmancan Music Lucky will be bringing a lot of sunshine vibes your way in the form of Reggae music straight from sunny Jamaica!

Stay tuned for lots more from the world of Lucky Mushroom Kinder English LLC!

The age of the Mushroom is here!!!!


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