Meet Lucky and Mecki!

Last weekend Lucky Mushroom introduced Lucky and Mecki (Frau Mechthild Krohn-Grossmann) to a small group of young learners at Taunus Lingua in Schwalbach am Taunus, a suburb of Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

For those of you that are not in the know; Lucky is the puppet with personality that raps and sings. Mecki is a teacher of children with special needs that helps Lucky communicate with young learners. Lucky loves communicating especially with kids. Unfortunately Lucky only speaks English so Mecki , Lucky’s friend and therapist, helps him to navigate a conversation with children even if they don’t speak English. Children love communicating with Lucky and Mecki helps them by giving them the tools they need to speak with Lucky in English. These tools usually come in the form of words and phrases and the use of some simple concepts for spoken English. For our young learners last weekend it was all about colors in English.

The children were playfully introduced to identifying and pronouncing a number of different colors. Frau Krohn-Großman (Mecki) guided the children and Lucky throughout the session. After having spent a little time with Lucky and Mecki the children left the course shouting colors in English and eager to learn even more than the limited amount of colors they had just learned to recognize and say in English.

Lucky is not seen by the children as an educator or instructor. The children identify Lucky as one of their own but with special needs. AlthoughLucky’s English is great they sometimes had to support Lucky with properly identifying the colors as he mixes them up at times. Lucky seems oblivious to his short comings and his spirits always remain very high. Nothing appears to curb Lucky’s infectious enthusiasm.

If you are reading this article and you live in the greater Frankfurt am Main area and are interested in introducing your young learner playfully to English, do him /her a favor and contact Lucky Mushroom or Tanus Lingua now. Lucky and Mecki would be more than happy to see them in a live course. They are also planning on making a series of short videos for the kids to watch at home. For now your young learner can enjoy the Lucky “Houses” song which introduces the names of structures and introduces colors. The video is in several languages but the link below is for young learners interested in German and English.

Though Lucky can speak English fluently he is not as certain about colors and numbers and sometimes the kid have to give him a little support.

Lucky and Mecki have officially opened the course for young learners for enquiries about times and availability contact:

We would be delighted to tell you more about our program for young learners.

Lucky Mushroom Hip Hop Music workshops are also available and expanding to include weekend workshops. As our trainers go deeper into their music projects we will also be doubling down on our courses! Lucky Mushroom is intent on bringing the worlds of music and language acquirement together.

The Lucky Mushroom interview series is also about to kick off! Lucky is going to start interviewing artists and children about their passions. Lucky will be interviewing children of all walks of life and talking to them about their hobbies. He will also be interviewing artists from all genres and we are very proud to be bringing this to you on our website very soon. For Lucky “the new normal” means less restrictions, more music, and more fun!

Finally we are also happy to announce that our “big kids” (corporate clients) can also benefit from our Lucky Mushroom musical approach to language acquisition with our Lucky Mushroom Music teams program! Lucky Mushroom teams not only incentivizes a return to working live in teams, it also incentivizes a return to the office. This three day song workshop is held onsite. Staff write and record a song together with Icy Bro in small harmonious teams, excuse the pun. Lucky Mushroom is bringing fun back to the workplace too!

Bonus Link, Houses are Big (Korean Version)

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Lucky Mushroom


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