Nowadays “to ASSUME” has become more than just socially acceptable; it’s a part of the new norm!

Nowadays the assumers have been given free rein and they mostly assume the worse.

Police officers assume they are in imminent danger when they encounter black males. Democrats assume that Republicans are racists and Republicans assume that Democrats are socialists. Women assume that men are misogynists and men assume that women are angry. Gays assume that heterosexual males are homophobic and heterosexual males assume that gays are activists. The religious assume that the secular have no faith and the secular assume that religious people do not believe in science. I could go on and on but I think you get the point. It doesn’t stop here though.

We have deemed it ok to assume based on appearance and or occupation. Unfortunately, we almost never seem to be willing to assume the best of the targets of our assumptions. We tend to get instant approval from those around us about our often misguided assumptions. Of course you ran, shot, yelled, proceeded to record, phoned the cops, changed street sides, gave him/her a piece of your mind, ” I would have done the same thing!” That is the type of validation that we get from our peers ,family members and friends. Seldom are we checked and ironically in our “woke” society it seems the more woke you are the more you assume. After all society sleeps but you are woke so one must assume that they don’t know. So, assume that they are asleep and wake them feels like a permanent whisper and none of us seem deaf to it. After all , in a “woke” society one must assume that everyone is asleep.

The assume the worse attitude permeates through out society. It knows no racial, ethnic or socio-economic boundaries. Ironically when one expresses an opinion nowadays one must assume that listeners are too busy assuming to actually hear what you are saying. People cling to their assumptions even in the face of evidence that disproves them.

Assumptions have given rise to social phenomena such a Karen, Ken, and all matter panic makers. They are aware of the fact that in today’s society all they have to do is raise their voices to get our attention, we turn our heads to look, and the rest will simply be assumed.

When I mention to folk that I am a rapper it is assumed by most that they know the content of my lyrics. It is assumed that I’m OK with gratuitous use of the n-word. It is assumed that I glorify violence and that I care about street cred.

Ironically it is no longer OK to assume that a biological male would like to be addressed as such. How dare you make such an assumption! It is also no longer to assume that a little boy or girl would like to be identified as such. By stating the former the way that I just did some readers will assume that I am insensitive and have zero idea about “gender identity”. Most will assume that I do not have access to their channels of communication or that I do not possess the intellectual capacity to understand their favorite pontificators. All of it will be based on assumptions. When exposed to any of my social/ political ideas they will assume to know how I came to my conclusions. Listening has simply become too much work for us ; we are now accustomed to assuming.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject. I do assume that you have some 馃檪

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