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It’s time to come back to the office and reconnect with your team!
I am aware that this is not a popular sentiment at the moment. I have read a plethora of articles about how we have seamlessly transitioned to work models that no longer require physical presence. According to these articles, the workforce is now free for other pursuits as the necessity for time-consuming things such as commuting is gone.

In this new era of working from home and digital meetings, there has been an almost eery silence about some of our, until recently, strongly held common beliefs in things such as human interaction. There almost seems to be, here in Germany where I live, a drive to make conditions as easy as possible for employees that are still concerned with covid regardless of what effect that might have on the organization. I believe that once our coworkers become nothing more than torsos and faces on monitors, it won’t be long until customers become nothing more than numbers and data. It’s not all doom and gloom technology has brought us some great advances and I’ll be the first to admit that. The virtual meeting can be a thing of beauty. However, when it comes to corporate identity and cohesiveness in teams face to face interactions remain indispensable.

Some organizations have recognized this and are trying to walk the fine line between taking concerns for staff into consideration and the fact that market reality is starting to demonstrate that productivity and presence are different metrics. In other words, even though productivity has not decreased according to many metrics, new opportunities are being missed simply because the team doesn’t have the same access to each other’s talents.

Thinking “outside the box” sometimes means, “getting in the box”
When employees are in the office they are in an environment that is natural to their tasks.

An accountant, analyst, controller, IT specialist, etc.. is still an accountant, analyst, controller or IT specialist, etc… even WFH in shorts. However, two or three of the previously mentioned professions in an office building working for the same organization constitute a team! Teams remain the lifeblood of any organization no matter how big or how small.

Realistically, we are not going back to the five-day in-office work model any time soon. So perhaps it’s time to start doing team-building activities in the workplace as enough time is already being spent outside the office.

Let The Lucky Mushroom UG help you incentivize the return to the office with our team-building activity that takes place on your premises for two or three days in one week! Our two or three-day team-building activity working in small teams is designed to foster confidence and reestablish the sense of live teamwork within an organization.

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