The Emancipation of the ABCs (The first 13)

The letter A started it!
The long-awaited and highly anticipated emancipation of the ABCs has begun. It all started when the first letter of the English alphabet declared its independence from the letters B through Z.

The letter A has declared, in a public statement and song, that it no longer wishes to be strung together with the rest of the alphabet in this, as letter A put it, “ridiculous sound known as the ABCs or the ABC song”.

The letter A also stated that it, letter A, is the end all be all of the 26 characters known as the ABSs. The letter A went on to say that it, the letter A, no longer desires to be grouped together with the other 25 letters of the alphabet song. Letter A went on to explain that “all important words and concepts begin with the letter A!” Letter A described itself as the most aesthetic letter and said that it, letter A, should be seen as “the anomaly that dictates the terms of the algorithm”. I am not sure which algorithm the Letter A was referring to or if the letter A actually knows what the word algorithm means but A is in fact the first letter of the word and claims to embody the definition.

In order to drive this point home, the letter A has requested that I repost an article from February called A is for ART you can find the link below and that the letter A always be printed in bold:

Letter A claims that at the time when the article was being written it had already been plotting to free itself from the clutches of the popular children’s melody called the ABC song.

The letters B through M have joined the rebellion.

In a surprising twist, the letters B through M agreed with letter A’s premise that they also needed to be “emancipated” from the audio clutches of the ABC song but disagreed with A’s notion that letter A was the most important letter of the alphabet. In fact, each of the next twelve letters, B-M, went on to proclaim that they were each individually the most important letter and that most important words and concepts started in fact started with each of them. Please allow me to elaborate. B went on to say that it was the most important letter and that the most important words and concepts started with the letter B and then C went on to make the same claim but about the letter C. This continued up to and culminated with the 13th letter, M. We are in for a ride as each letter is prepared to back their claim.

The first 13 t are staking their claim to uniqueness using music, stories, and words. We at Lucky Mushroom have decided to look into these claims and to keep the public informed. We will engage each letter of the “first thirteen” one at a time on their own terms starting with Letter A. According to letter A the word that makes the human experience human starts with an A and that word is art. If you don’t know what art is ask an artist, so that’s what Lucky is going to do. Lucky, our friend and puppet will be exploring the world of art for letter A.

This is an open platform so if you have questions or would like to make corrections…

We will keep you up to speed.

The Emancipation of the ABCs has been released check out the album here and reacquaint yourself with the alphabet (the first 13 letters) here:

Leonard Nimoy Slater (The Lucky Mushroom UG)

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