The Lucky Mushroom UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

What is Lucky Mushroom? What does Lucky Mushroom do? Please allow me to explain, I’ll be very brief

My name is Leonard Nimoy Slater and I am a rapper. I am also an English trainer and coach! The Lucky Mushroom UG (haftungsbescharänkt) is a company that I founded to combine those activities (music and English as a second language).

Our products include children’s song camps with professional recording upon completion and professional singer/songwriters as the “teachers”. We produce original song texts in English with original music and written for and with kids from 11-19 years of age! I personally teach the rap camp as Icy Bro!

We also provide team-building activities in the form of song and rap recordings for our corporate clients. We do this onsite! We’d like you to have fun with your team at work again!

Our motto is communication is key! We don’t have nor do we teach/preach political or social agendas. We help facilitate communication in English. We have fun doing it!

As a rapper of the old school, I feel that rap music today has been hijacked by activists and people with agendas. It’s being misused as the music of protest. Rap music is fun! It was not founded on social or political protest regardless of what think you know or may have heard. Since its infancy rap has been about making the most of whatever you have. At the Lucky Mushroom, we know that we, the human family, have each other. English is the language of commerce whether we like it or not. Our goal is to make expressing yourself in English fun and accessible. Even if it’s not the language you prefer to communicate in.

That is The Lucky Mushroom UG (haftugnsbeschraänkt) in a nutshell. If I have sparked your interest and you’d like to do something fun for your staff or your kids in English, contact us! We’d love to help. Keep on the lookout for a Lucky appearance near you.

Lucky’s next appearance will be July 16th at Tankzschule Ayouva Island Röderstraße 9 in Wiesbaden, Germany with soul singer kaye-Ree. Bring your little rapper or singer by for a mini-workshop with recording.

Sign up now for kids’ rap/song camps in Schwalbach am Taunus.

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