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I decided not to add a picture to this post. I decided that I would break all the conventions of digital communication. I am a communicator, educator and entertainer. Words are my tools, so for this post I will let the words speak for themselves without images getting in the way.

The Lucky Mushroom is now open and if you are reading this post you have already become a part of it.

Lucky Mushroom is reintroducing English to the world one letter at a time! One punctuation mark at a time! And we are doing it one syllable at a time! If you ever find yourself lost in our methodology, refer to the ABCs. If you are still confused go back to the Letter A.

The letter is the first song from Lucky Mushroom to formally introduce ourselves and our concept of introducing the English language to a child of any age one letter at a time.

The letter A is our first audio mark in our game what I call audio squiggle. Audio Squiggle is based on one of Dr. Winnicott’s techniques for reaching children called, “The Squiggle Game”. I have already scribbled the first audio mark with the letter A. I already know the next twenty-five letters of our audio drawing that I would love to make. They are the 25 letters that proceed the letter A.

Our technique for the concept of numbers is also very similar. Normally developed children have a concept of self. The philosophy of our concept is based on the following the following belief when addressing a child or a chid’s needs.

There is only one you! There are over 7.5 billion other human beings but only one you! If you are ever told that there is another you, ask your number 2. Number 2 is your mommy or daddy or gran gran or the oldest person that looks after/ cares for you. But they must have number 3! Number 3 can be a bit tricky . A lot of people say that it is God but that’s too high for a simple Mushroom. I call number 3 love! I believe that it’s also the missing element from Dr. Winnicott’s approach. I am not suggesting that he did not love. If that’s what you read into the statement, Lucky Mushroom might not be for you. I am sure if he had applied it he would have made the first audio squiggle game that introduces English to children all over the world. I am a rapper and I love the sound of the human voice, especially put to music. I believe that words and music combined is the magic that fuels not only Hollywood but the world. Hence the letter A. If you are still confused, no worries B is coming and C and D ad infinitum 馃檪

I love what I do and I do it well! I am brutally honest and unapologetic about applying love in my work. I will explain the English language to children of all ages all over the world starting with the 26 characters that we call the ABCs. They form every word in English that you or they have ever heard. Some sounds in English are a little different, that’s called music. Voices or instruments can produce the sound that we call music. If this sounds confusing to you, just listen to the letter A, then B, then C etc… or

Join one of our workshops or contact me for clarity. I am going to end this post with the results of the first Lucky Mushroom Music camp of 2022! We met these six kids on a Monday and they told me that they did not feel very confident when speaking English. They were mortified when I informed them that we were going to write and record a rap son in English. Their curiosity got the best of them and this what we had accomplished by Friday!

2021 was a busy year but 2022 will be even more exciting as Lucky is finding his groove.

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