Two new podcasts from Lucky Mushroom Kinder English LLC!

Icy Bro’s Podcast “The Last Great Icy” is about communication; how a rapper communicates with the crowd, communicates his/her message, and how we communicate with each other in English.

Lucky’s Podcast (Lucky the puppet) is about all things Mushroom. He is battling selective mutism and would like to communicate with adults despite his condition. He will use the podcast as his outlet.

In Icy Bro’s podcast we will also go on a journey!

Icy Bro will take us on a journey to when rap was still in its infancy. It might have been a toddler but teens outside of New York City had not been properly introduced. So Icy will take us on a journey into the Baltimore house party and block party scene of the early to mid eighties. He will also walk us through subjects like the battling culture of then vs. the battle culture of today. In his first podcast ( not yet imbedded on this site) he walked us through how he got his rap name and how he came into rap. In face the first episode is called “What’s in a name?” Expect a lot more from Icy Bro on subjects like rap names and the rap game before the industry learned to exploit it. He will also be sharing his experience as an ESL teacher in the business community of Frankfurt , Germany where he is based.

In Lucky’s podcast he will tell you all about his life before becoming a trusted source of English as an additional language for kids. You will get to know Lucky Mushroom and his philosophies of love, life, and music.

Lucky was not always involved in kids education. He was once a video podcaster for lack of a better term. He also did music. He released two songs, (up all night) and ( IDGAF). He also claims to have been the hand inside the puppet Icy Bro as he puts it. Long before he became the adorable character that loves teaching communication skills to children. he was an outspoken lyricist himself. If you search the web hard enough you might find one of his original episodes on Vimeo. Lucky will also be re-releasing some of those episodes (audio only) because he feels that they need to be heard. He says that they are as timeless as a good song or the power of words. Lucky is the only one that can give you an idea of what’s going to be in his podcast. You will simply have to tune in and check him out.

Her is the link for Icy Bro’s first podcast, the audio quality issue has since been fixed but Icy refuses to take down his first podcast He says that his motto is more than a motto: Lyrics Matter! So he will not take it down. Instead he challenges the listener to focus on what’s being said.

Soon both podcasts will be available on our site and everywhere else.

That’s all for now, I will be sure to keep you posted.

Act like you know!

Leonard Nimoy Slater

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