Weathering storm after storm and being shamed

Some small business owners and solopreneurs have been navigating some very tricky waters for going on three years now. We have faced the challenges of a pandemic, climate change, and now war in Europe.

It is our unwavering belief in ourselves and our products and services that has kept us going. We have made changes and taken risks. We have changed business models and have become leaner. We have weathered wave after wave of new covid cases and opened and shut our doors accordingly. With Spring now upon us we were hoping for just a semblance of what could be called normalcy.

Recently I was having a conversation with a colleague and I mentioned how I was excitedly looking forward to opening my doors to new course participants and expanding my programs. I also mentioned that I was going to run an ad campaign to kick the whole thing off. My colleague responded by saying that it was “inappropriate” to post anything about my business while there is a war raging in Europe. All those present agreed.

“Stay the course” has been my North Star. It has helped me navigate these turbulent times. So I reluctantly put my plans on ice and attempted to integrate aspects of our current geo-political reality in my post. As the situation worsens I realize that my old course of action was actually the right course. I am currently trying to get back on course.

EYS Language Consulting and Lucky Mushroom is a communication’s company. I have always invited others to share their “two cents” with me. I am ashamed to have to admit that I allowed myself to be shamed into censuring myself. I have noticed that in the last couple of years that true public discourse has become unpopular and that’s putting it mildly. We seem content to tow the company line on any and every issue. Even now I can hear the decriers: “anti-laxer”, “denier”,”conspiracy theorist”,”Right winger”,”Putin sympathizer” etc…

I am none of those things and my track record proves this. Go back and read anything that I have ever written or listen to anything that I have ever recorded if you don’t believe me. I am however tired of the public and private shaming of people and organizations that don’t follow the herd. We all do what we can to help our fellow man on our own terms. For some that means being recruited into an army for others it’s supplying food. For some it’s opening their homes and hearts. For others it is actually offering a service and we should not be shamed for that. For some small business owners and solopreneurs our services and our sympathies is all that we have left to offer.

Going forward my posts will be related to enhanced communication in English and music. They are my passion and product and with them the world is a better place. I apologize to my readers for veering off course.

For all the young learners young and old that have been looking forward to The Lucky Mushroom ABCs, Lucky proudly presents “The Letter B”.

Your Lucky Mushroom

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