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The Lucky Mushrooms that have been following the Lucky Mushroom know what I mean by „reconstruction“ (an R-word) because they are aware of the historical reference. For the rest of you here’s a very brief summary to bring you up to speed.

The first 13 letters of the English alphabet have declared themselves EMANCIPATED from the ABC song. They say that the song does not do enough to represent them as at the unique characters that they are. They say that the song sounds like one sound and does not do enough to stress the significance of each letter.

The Lucky Mushroom UG fully supports the ABCs in their emancipation effort because we see the letters of the English alphabet as the „boots on the ground“ when it comes to communication in the English language. We at The Lucky Mushroom feel that „The Emancipation of the ABCs (The first 13“ ) is in line with our belief that communication starts before words are exchanged. The Kingdom of the alphabet will do more to help you understand that concept.

In order to make things easier for people that are convinced that they already know the English ABCs, we have have selected two songs from the emancipation that we recommend startng with. After listening to these two songs, we suggest listening to the letter „A“ or the song that was made by your favorite letter if you have one.We would also suggest listening to the „interludes“, they are interviews with the letters themselves.

H does a very good job in articulating how each letter of the English alphabet feels. H does a better job at explaining how it feels to be a letter than I ever could.

I introduces how rhythmic and clever each letter of the alphabet is. I is a very danceable sound and letter.

H.I. is also at the Lucky Mushroom’s answer to fears and concerns about so called A.I.

H.I. or Hi stands for human intelligence. We believe that each child that comes into this world is equipped with it’s own unique brand of intelligence. That brand, for lack of a better term, is what makes the child unique and capable of enjoying the „human experience“. I don’t believe that it should be tampered with. When communicating in English, I would like children to speak with confidence of each letter of the ABCs. Each child is the 27th letter and puts the other 26 letters together in which ever way they deem necessary to convey how and what they are feeling.

If this is still a little fuzzy, please allow me to elaborate (e-word) a little more.

Lucky’s favorite words to spell after mastering the ABCs are G O D and L O V E. Ironically (iword) these words are often met with skepticism. In order to assure that there is a sincere (s-word) desire for communication Lucky spells out the final word that it believes is important when it comes to facilitating communication in English. That word is spelled P E A C E.

If none of these three concepts are not understood or accepted as a part of the basis of communication Lucky is overwhelmed and communication breaks down. As a result Lucky and through experience Lucky has learned that honest communication can only be held with children and artists. So Lucky only speaks to children and artists.

For the business community „The ABCs of Business“ will also be available in the form of a blog post.

Welcome to The Lucky Mushroom. The letter M and the Letter A are found on our YouTube channel and our website. The letter N-Z are only available on the Lucky Mushroom ABC app which is coming soon.

The Lucky Mushroom

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