My Final Two Cents on the Dreaded N-wordhe-dreaded-n-word

Though I have had a lot of “fun”, for lack of a better term, writing about the n-word for the last couple of weeks, this is going to be the shortest blog post I have ever written.

However, there are many people in the African-American community (my deceased grandfather included) that find the n-word hurtful no matter how you spell or pronounce it. Out of respect for those people and in honor of my grandfather’s memory the term isn’t in my active vocabulary, though it does occasionally find its way into one of my songs. In fact, it will have a place of prominence in one of my upcoming singles.

Having said that, if you find yourself wondering whether or not the use of the term is appropriate, you should not use it. I think the same rule that is applied for the use of comas is applicable here; “When in doubt, leave it out”!

As an English as a second language professional and as an American, I do not believe in nor do I condone censorship. But I do believe in erring on the side of decorum.

As far as the n-word is concerned, I believe one should use common sense and refrain from basing one’s vocabulary on a rap song or a Hollywood film.

That’s my two cents on the n-word. On the eve of the presidential election, I feel compelled to add that despite what both camps say, we are a nation united! It’s only our political leaders that fail to recognize that fact.

Go Biden! Go Trump! Long live the American Republic united and strong. A cornerstone of our democracy is the bloodless transition of power. I honestly say that I look forward to it, no matter which side wins.

That’s my two cents!

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